All roads lead to…Alaskan roundabouts. Well, you really had that coming; no chance a good pun was going to get wasted. The fact that you are reading this means you have some curiosity about roundabouts. Be thankful, for you have come to just the right place to get a good dose of whichever information you are looking for.

How Roundabouts Work

Have you been getting to roundabouts and marveling at the miracle that they work in making traffic flow so smoothly? Or are you that driver (or passenger) who has never understood the magic which goes on at the circular intersection? Whichever the case, this site has a dedicated you understand the roundabout model even if you were Donald Trump. That’s a great place to begin your exploration.

History of Roundabouts

Just where did these giant rings come from? Montreal maybe?Who was the genius, (or idiot, depending on where you stand), who came up with the idea of having traffic move around in circles mid-journey? Read about the origin of roundabouts, repeated adoption and rejection, until they became what they are today.

Facts About Roundabouts

Get in to experience some little known facts about roundabouts. How have they, for example, contributed to accident statistics in places where they have replaced intersections? Just how many roundabouts would you have to navigate in a journey around Alaska? All these answers are well researched and presented here.

Avoiding Roundabouts

Maybe, after reading all the history and facts, you still don’t fancy having to drive into and across roundabouts. Well, guess what? You really don’t have to! Find out why roundabouts are bad.