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Alaska is a growing state - as it grows, our roads become more crowded and traffic delays build, which can result in frustration for Alaskan drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists. A major role of the owners of the roads and public rights-of-way is to find solutions to crowded streets and traffic bottlenecks - solutions that are forward-thinking, cost-effective and improve driving, walking and biking conditions.

Lear more about Alaska roundabouts!


         Lounsbury & Associates, an engineering firm based in Anchorage since 1949, developed this website to help the public understand roundabouts-how they work and why they are becoming more popular throughout the United States. Lounsbury's engineers designed some of the first roundabouts to be placed into service in Anchorage and want to share their research and knowledge with you.
         Follow the site menu on the left to get more information or go directly to information about Alaska's first roundabouts at Southport Drive (constructed in 2001, with minor revisions in 2002), Dowling Road and the New Seward Highway (opened August 2004) and Elmore Road and 135th (completed July 2004).